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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 25: The Giant Behemoth!

Giant Behemoth, the Sea Monster

Today is primarily for When Animals Attack trailers, but I enjoy the notion of The Giant Behemoth so much–and he is a dinosaur, so technically he’s an animal–so we’re throwing it up here. Two things strike me here.

One, the monster is attacking London. This is a nice change of pace since we know that monsters normally like to attack Tokyo. But it’s basically an American and British co-production and I guess New York City won the coin toss.

Two, the titles are really terrible. It’s known as both The Giant Behemoth and Behemoth, the Sea Monster. The first title is redundant, since a “behemoth” is gigantic by definition. And the second title makes it sound like “sea monster” is the thing’s occupation. Like “Bill the Plumber.” “Behemoth the Sea Monster.” “Behemoth” could be the thing’s name, so fair enough there, but still–were they afraid audiences would fixate on the “moth” portion and expect a giant insect to go after large light sources?

Favorite part of the trailer, though, is that the dialogue in spaces sounds more like Lines Written Specifically So They’ll Be in the Trailer than anything in cinema history. Enjoy the madness!

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Your best bet to snag this would be Cult Camp Classics Vol. 1, where it comes with two other complete corkers.

Last year we were taking time out to see Vincent Price on Terry Wogan, but for the most part we’ve had animals wanting to kill you and more animals wanting to kill you. And before that it was a pair of Body Snatchers trailers.