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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 13: The Tell-Tale Heart!

Tell-Tale Heart (1960)

It’s a Friday at 32 Days of Halloween, so let’s relax with some Looney Tunes. First up, the classic Hyde and Hare from 1955, directed by Friz Freleng and with voicework by Mel Blanc (naturally).

Now, I’m bummed out, because the obvious cartoon to pair with that one would be 1960’s Hyde and Go Tweet with Sylvester and Tweety. But I could not find a decent version of that to save my life. Instead, we’ll go to 1963 and Transylvania 6-5000, helmed by the illustrious Chuck Jones.

And now, for tonight’s feature, it’s the 1960 British version of The Tell-Tale Heart. I know you’re going to be shocked when I tell you that it’s a loose adaptation of the Poe short story, but I thought I would prepare you up front. Enjoy!