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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 30: The Tomb of Ligeia!

Tomb of Ligeia

Well, unbelievably enough, we’re coming up on time to put 32 Days of Halloween back into the coffin for another year. The Halloween Season, of course, extends through New Year’s, so don’t worry yourself about that. But before we go, we need to go to an old-time radio version of a classic, “The Hitch-Hiker.” Starring Orson Welles, who performed it a few times on radio, it was later turned into a Twilight Zone episode. If you’re starved for time, at least listen to Welles’ intro.

Tonight’s feature film is another Roger Corman “Poe loose adaptations” project: The Tomb of Ligeia from 1964. It’s, in fact, Corman’s last. Probably ran out of titles. Here, we see the trouble with being the second wife following the death of the first: notably, that the first wife still haunts the husband. Probably should’ve gotten some counseling. Enjoy.