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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 29: Unearthly Stranger!

Unearthly Stranger

Before we switch over to one last oomph of science fiction for this year, let’s go to a CBC series called Nightfall and their production of the W.W. Jacobs classic, “The Monkey’s Paw.”

Then we go to the generically named Science Fiction Theatre and their 1955 episode, “The Stones Began to Move.” It stars Basil Rathbone. When your top scientist goes AWOL and when he comes back he’s acting very strangely indeed, what could be the problem? Well, the thing’s called Science Fiction Theatre so there are several batshit crazy options.

And now, for tonight’s feature, the selection is 1964’s Unearthly Stranger, starring John Neville (Munchausen to some of you, The Well-Manicured Man for the rest of you). When you’re working on a spacecraft that’s powered by the human mind, when a colleague’s brain explodes, that’s a sure sign that something is definitely wrong. Enjoy!