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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 11: Croaked: Frog Monster from Hell

Croaked: Frog Monster From Hell

According to Wikipedia (which is always right), Troma head burrito Lloyd Kaufman named this as “one of the five worst Troma films ever made.” That is a strong statement, friends. Otherwise known as Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake, it has a man telling the story of the man/frog hybrid monster that so shaped his boyhood days. It is a tale fraught with slo-mo abuse, acting at the sub-high school drama level, and musical hilarity. The tagline is “This time the frog dissects you!” It is almost brilliant in its utterly terrible nature.

That being said, if you’re pressed for time, just watch the opening credits for a taste of the film’s insane score.


For the masochists among you, it’s available on DVD from Amazon.

The theme for today is When Animals Attack, even though we’ve sort of strayed into man/animal/mutant hybrid territory here. Previously we’ve found ourselves beset upon by ants, sharks, the denizens of Spider Island, a giant pissed-off bird, and giant spiders.