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32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 11: Phase IV!

Phase IV

Movie Night #11 for 32 Days of Halloween is upon us and we’re staring down the barrel of another themed night: this time, as you might expect, we hit the jolly subgenre we call “When Animals Attack!” That’s right, the notion that nature was going to rise up and–quite specifically–try to kick our species in its collective ass is one that has been addressed since time immemorial.

For tonight’s pick we have the 1974 us vs. ants film Phase IV, which refers to ants suddenly getting a hive mind and going to war with human researchers. The most interesting thing about the film, though, is that it’s the only film directed by designer Saul Bass. He brought you everything from the AT&T globe to title sequences for films like Psycho and West Side Story.

Enjoy this turn into evolution and sci-fi weirdsville!

Phase IV is available on DVD from Amazon.

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