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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 15: Abbott, Costello & The Haunted House

Abbott and Costello, looking snazzy

Considering that last year for Day 15–traditionally our day to look to Abbott and Costello–we had a snippet of them pairing up with Peter Lorre, it only made sense to go back and gather around the giant box in the living room that makes noises (a radio–kids, ask your parents) and check out an episode of their show from 1947. This is “The Haunted House,” and they would visit another haunted house later for their television show in 1953. (But I couldn’t find that online–well, Hulu…but they don’t count since our friends across the pond can’t, to my knowledge, enjoy Hulu.) But this is excellent listening. And it comes complete with the Camel cigarette commercials of the day and musical interlude…brilliant. And the uploader was even kind enough to give you a giant noise-box (radio) to look at. Nifty.


This episode isn’t on Spotify, but a slew of Abbott & Costello stuff is available there. And another slew of their stuff (including their films where they confronted various Universal beasties–links to sample those below) is available via Amazon.

And if you want to enjoy some other stuff, previously Abbott and Costello met the Creature From the Black Lagoon on the Colgate Comedy Hour, met the Invisible Man, then met some other monsters while they were at it. And year one, before we settled on this theme, we were checking out the trailer for The Blob.