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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 15: Abbott, Costello and Peter Lorre!

Peter Lorre with microphone

Day 15 of 32 Days of Halloween has been all about Abbott and Costello and their antics when confronted with the weird and the spooky for some time now. This year we’ve opted to give you the episode of their radio show where they visited “Dr. Peter Lorre‘s” sanitarium. Classic radio nonsense and Lorre is just a consummate voice actor. Bonus: Listen closely for Mel Blanc to make an appearance.

The embeddable piece we have below is only about ten minutes worth. However, the good news is this: the full show is available via Spotify here.

A variety of Abbott and Costello stuff is available from Amazon.

Previous Abbott and Costello bits have included them meeting the Creature From the Black Lagoon on the Colgate Comedy Hour, meeting the Invisible Man, and met some other monsters while they were at it. Before we were with these two glorious clowns, we checked out the trailer for The Blob year one.