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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 31: The House That Dripped Blood

House That Dripped Blood

For a final night before we reach the Big One, it was hard to pick what to go with. Having hit most of the classics in one form or another, I opted for a cast that provided a serious bang for your buck. And hey, The House That Dripped Blood is an Amicus anthology film as well, so you get multiple stories in one. And with a cast that includes Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Jon Pertwee and Denholm Elliott…you are getting a great amount of bang. Not to mention it’s scripted (mostly) by Robert Bloch. And do remember this: rubber vampire bats on strings mean never having to say you’re sorry.


Here’s what’s crazy, though–the DVD from Lionsgate is out of print and new is very pricey. However, you can get it used from Amazon for under $10.

Update: The full film’s no longer up, but somebody has posted the Cushing section, so we’ll go with that for now…