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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 16: Eye of the Cat!

Eye of the Cat (1969)

Holy mackerel, we’re already at the halfway point! Time flies when you’re launching it from a trebuchet. We kick off tonight’s festivities with a bit of old-time radio. It’s the show Sleep No More, with readings by Nelson Olmstead. This episode, “The Storm,” is close to a half-hour in length, so that makes it post-1956 when the show was expanded. The show ended in 1957.

Next, let’s side-step to some classic Disney and their version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” featuring who else but Bing Crosby as your illustrious narrator.

And last in this parade of delights, we go to 1969 and the film Eye of the Cat. When your aunt is seemingly near death’s door and you want to give her juuuust a little helpful shove so that you can weasel yourself some inheritance, you might get away with it if it weren’t for all her pesky cats… Enjoy!