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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 15: My World Dies Screaming!

My World Dies Screaming

So it’s a night of screaming, apparently. That started with choosing the feature film and it just extended through the rest of this. So let’s get some of it out of our system. The first minute of this is the only part that’s really relevant, though, so bear that in mind.

Did you hear the Wilhelm Scream? Me neither. So it sort of invalidates itself. But what can you do? One thing you can do is go to Tom Waits, with a live version of “The Earth Dies Screaming.” Because Tom Waits.

So for tonight’s feature, we have a special selection: it was filmed in Psychorama! Meaning that subliminal frames were placed in the film to supposedly influence your brain. There was a rumor something similar was done with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If that’s the case, then my brain interpreted the frames in a very strange way: I was rolling around the floor laughing while watching it. Please don’t tell my therapist.

Anyway, the original title of this film is My World Dies Screaming, which is infinitely better one than what comes up on the screen… “Terror in the Haunted House.” Why would you do that to a film? Anyway, it can’t be helped now. Just remember what the real title of the film is when you watch it. Enjoy.