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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 27: The Dunwich Horror!

Dunwich Horror (1970)

First up, we go to a song that I only heard for the first time this evening. Considering my extension time spent listened to the Doctor Demento show, I’m not sure how this could have slipped past me. It’s by Sheldon Allman, who was not only the singing voice for Mister Ed, but also gave us this gem, “Radioactive Mama.”

And for a change of pace, we go now to a milestone in the evolution of passing down stories from one generation to another. It’s oral tradition, yes, but it’s oral tradition you read along with and turn the page when you hear the sound.

And for yet another change of pace, we go to 1970 for The Dunwich Horror. And what is the Horror? For me, it’s Dean Stockwell’s hair configuration. But then again, it was the 70s. Lots of things were unspeakable then. Enjoy.