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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 26: Grizzly!

Grizzly (1976)

Some more classic radio for you tonight. We start with Jack Benny’s Halloween program from 1940, then we go straight to Inner Sanctum and their episode from 1945: “Wailing Wall.” It stars Boris Karloff. The scariest part of that episode might be the Lipton advertising towards the beginning. Brace yourself for it.

And for tonight’s feature presentation, we go to 1976 and Grizzly, which was written under the working title of Holy Shit That Jaws Movie Made a Lot of Money, Didn’t It? It stars Christopher George (City of the Living Dead, Vanna White’s uncle) as the head burrito park ranger of a park that’s just had a bigass grizzly move in without an invitation. Then it starts using the place as its personal buffet.

Also–that artwork up top. Looks familiar a bit, yes? Yeah, that’s because it’s from Neal Adams. Nice.