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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 2: Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb!

Blood From The Mummys Tomb

So Movie Night #2 traditionally has something to do with blood. It’s the season of the year, right? In this case we’re going with the 1971 Hammer film, Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb. Never screw around with cursed, evil Egyptian princesses whose bodies should have rotted away…but haven’t. No amount of Avon can account for that sort of preservation.


Sadly, a very troubled production. Originally in the role of Julian Fuchs–here played by Andrew Keir–was Peter Cushing. However, one day into shooting his wife became ill and passed away. He left the production and Keir stepped in. (You probably recognize Keir from Quatermass and the Pit.) Seth Holt, the director, also passed away before the film was completed, with Michael Carreras having to step in and complete the work.

The film was just released on Region 1 this past January. You can snag it from Amazon here.

If you want a bit more along the same scarlet lines, you can check out Nosferatu, the original Wolf Man, Blood Tide, Blood of Dracula’s Castle and then last year, we ended up with Deep Red.