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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 17: The Curse of The Fly!


I think it’s a good idea to ask that question once a week, whether it makes sense in your present context or not.

We’re venturing into Vincent Price territory once more, so I think we should have, as an appetizer, another episode of his radio show, The Price of Fear. This is an episode from 1973: “Waxwork.”

So a while back we posted the original version (from 1958) of The Fly. The first sequel, Return of The Fly (1959) had Vincent Price returning, but the next sequel, The Curse of The Fly sort of stands on its own. First, here’s the trailer for Return, since I couldn’t find any more of it readily available. And, quite frankly, the trailer has to be seen just in its own right. It is the absolute epitome of 1950s trailerdom, with Paul Frees as narrator to boot.

And now for the feature presentation. And yes, that is the legendary Burt Kwouk (of Clouseau vs. Cato fame) playing Tal. Enjoy!