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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Honors The Literary Vampire

Lord Ruthven shows us that dead men do wear plaid.

Once again, it’s the most scarifying time of the year. Women is getting ready to dress up like a sexy [insert occupation here], Widge is busy with the 32 Days of Halloween, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has released their Halloweenie perfume collection.

Black Phoenix has a central theme for some of their scents. Last year, it was scents inspired by “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. This year, it is time for the vampire to receive some attention. First off, a bit of naughtiness with the scents “Bite Me” and “Suck It.” “Bite Me” is based on the French dessert croquembouche with its layers of cream pastry draped in almond silk and ribbons of caramel. This scent is particularly amusing since croquembouche literally means “crunch in the mouth.” “Suck It” is pure black cherry brandy, sugary but with a deeper and sharper tang that is as rich as the blood in your veins. You can almost feel the alcohol roiling around in your mouth, warning your body, loosening your inhibitions.

But it is the vampires of literature that Black Phoenix is truly honoring this Halloween season. I’m talking about actual literature, not that hyper-Byronic, misogynistic, pseudo-Harlequin romance crap that Stephenie Meyers poops out.

[ad#longpost]Fortunately, Black Phoenix is here to remind you what a real vampire is like. For example, “Lord Ruthven” is the prototype for the aristocratic vampire: charming, decadent, and rapacious in his appetite. He was created by Dr. John Polidori during the Year Without A Summer at the Villa Diodati where another modern monster was given “birth.” Of course, a gentleman such as this would smell of classic Eau de Cologne, shiny boot leather, and the blood from their latest victim. “Perle von Mauren” from Revelations in Black is a beautiful woman who inspires romance and passion from our young hero. He becomes besotted with her when they meet in a garden of heliotrope by the moonlight. But pleasure turns to horror when he discovers that her loving manner is a sham so she can feed on his blood. The perfume has that sweet smell of the purple flower but underneath you can smell the grave dirt where the vampire sleeps. This is but a small selection, please peruse the rest of the perfumes and rediscover the cruel mixture of sexuality and death that is the true vampire.

But that’s not all, dear friends. Black Phoenix has provided a wide selection this year. The fall harvest is represented by “Samhain 2009,” replete with pumpkin, apples, and spices and the woods with their fallen leaves and evergreen fir trees. For something more dark and sinister, you can get “Devil’s Night 2009.” The sweeter aspects of the season are found in “Boo!” — a light scent of sugar, cream, and that freshly washed cotton sheet that makes the best ghost costume. A bit more adult is “Creepy 2009,” with butterscotch caramel apples. But with some coconut rum splashed in, because candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

For the full array of what Black Phoenix has to offer, be sure to visit their website. And tell them we said hi.

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