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32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 5: Lights Out

Lights Out

So last year I was wishing for a way to share some of Lights Out, one of my favorite old-time radio shows, hosted by Arch Oboler. I know he didn’t create the show–that was Son of Frankenstein scribe and radio big kahuna Wyllis Cooper–but the episodes I remember have Arch in them. For all I know, they re-released them at some point with Arch. Lights Out has one of my favorite taglines of all time: “It is later than you think.” That, delivered over a tolling bell. Fantastic.

But now we’ve found embeddable episodes! Yes! Here are two after the jump. Enjoy.
This first one is entitled “Oxychloride X,” and is, what I would think, is arguably the second most famous one after “Chicken Heart.”

And this is “The Sea.”

And because we’re completists, here’s an episode from the television series it turned into later…

Last year, we were checking out the egregious Tales of Terror trailer. Before that, it was Bela Lugosi in The Cask of Amontillado. And lastly, Year One we were marveling at the Evil Dead trailer.