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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 2: The Gorilla (1939)

Gorilla (1939)

Let’s begin with something light, though filling. From The Muppet Show, we have a glorious performance of Cole Porter’s classic, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” brought to you by Richard Hunt as Behemoth and Jim Henson as Shakey Sanchez. (I didn’t know they had names either, thank the Muppet Wiki.)

Next, we go to a half-hour of Giger’s Alien, a docu featuring behind the scenes work on the original film, Giger’s odd narration, and a synth-tastic musical score.

And finally, the 1939 version of The Gorilla for our feature film. Starring Lionel Atwill (House of Dracula among scads of others), Bela Lugosi (well, you know–a role apparently originally intended for Peter Lorre) and…The Ritz Brothers. Who were the Ritz Brothers? Well, their Wikipedia entry will tell you all you need to know (and it’s always right), but suffice it to say that they influenced a slew of comedians who came after them, many of which you know. Or if you’re kids, well, they influenced comedians who influenced comedians…some of which you might recognize their voices on Spotify. Enjoy.