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32 Days of Halloween, Day 6: Slugs!


This movie and I go back a long way. Back when I was still doing Adverse Video columns and sending them out across FidoNet, long before I handed the jurisdiction for such terrible cinema to Bob the Zombie, this was one of the films I wrote about. I watched it again for one of my Halloween movie marathons recently, and it was just the same hilarious, godawful piece of shite I remembered. But it’s so gloriously bad, I highly recommend it.

My favorite bit is the fact that it says “SLUGS” on the opening credits. Then, after a suitably dramatic pause, it adds “The Movie.” Which is handy in case you thought you were about to enjoy “SLUGS: The Broadway Musical” or “SLUGS: The Breakfast Cereal” or “SLUGS: The New Cartoon From Hanna-Barbera.”

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