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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #8

Before we begin, we need to pause once more for a word from our sponsor.

I always find it fascinating what people do and how they do it. I’m that guy who watches all of the “We got this real life person to critique people doing their stuff in movies” videos, as an example. One that showed up recently that appears to be squarely in the jurisdiction of what we’re doing here…is this one.

While we are getting more feature films from the 1970s than I thought possible, I am finding them to have…fairly unimaginative titles. They appear to be The Something, almost every time. And today’s pick is no exception: it’s The Child from 1977. A first time film for almost everyone involved, it ticks many of the boxes. Telekinetic kid? Check. Zombies? Check. An attempt to make a period film which makes things feel even more 1970s than they might have otherwise? Oh yes, check.