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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #27

Bob Burns, Tom Savini, &
The Redeemer!

For tonight’s edification, we start with a pair of interview/tours. First is Bob Burns, who has an array of props and other movie memorabilia that will melt your brain. Across all genres. But when you want your horror fan brain to truly become an ingredient for a smoothie, you should check out the second video, a private tour of Tom Savini’s school and his house. Between the two videos, you have about an hour of pure geek glee.

Then we go to 1978 and a film known by many names, which is always a sign of quality. There’s The Redeemer, but also The Redeemer: Son of Satan and Class Reunion Massacre. If you enjoy an older horror movie with plenty of cheesy, trashy doom, then this is right up your dark alley. (Not a euphemism.)