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Jesus Horatio Christ

Because Amazon and the FTC Demand It

I apologize for this but apparently the FTC and Amazon think we’re all idiots.

I’ve already spelled out in the site’s terms of use (which you’ve read, right? Because you’ve agreed to it by hanging around) that any links you find to Amazon, it should be assumed that we’re trying to sell you something. I mean…it’s probably a good idea to assume that with any link you see on any website you ever visit, but we tell you to assume that because it’s easier for us than specifying at the link level what is and what is not a link to try to make us money. And besides, nobody needs to be told that for every link on the site, right?

Well, guess what. Because of the FTC, Amazon requires that we tell you on every single link to their site that it’s a “paid link.” Now. We have been doing this site for thirteen twenty-three years (I can’t do math). There are thousands of links to Amazon across our various posts. So to cover our asses until I can figure out how to retroactively apply this to ALL old Amazon links, that message is going to sit at the top of every page. I don’t dislike this because I’m trying to keep anything from you—or hide the fact we support the site when you buy stuff from links—we say it often and loudly. (Because the hope is because you like us, you’ll buy stuff from the links and help us pay for this damn server.) I dislike it because it assumes we’re all idiots and need to be reminded on every link. At least the GDPR thing will let you click “Yes, I understand” and then we can not bother with it for a while.

I just don’t like people assuming I or my readers are idiots. Because we’re not. So anyway, my apologies for the intrusion. We now return you to pictures of animals wearing hats.

Source: Pxfuel.