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Weekend Recommendations: DVDs

Here’s yer DVD goodness…

TV DVD of the Week: The League of Gentlemen. Tobias’ description which we’ve mentioned before is all the more apt after we’ve had a chance to sit down and watch this madness: “what would happen if Stephen King and Ray Bradbury collaborated on a sketch comedy show.” And the show is just so terribly mad, there’s no other way to put it. This BBC boxed set has the whole shebang (all three series and the Christmas special), plus audio commentaries, docus, character bios, deleted scenes, interviews, outtakes, and more. God bless the Brits for their ability to kick TV’s ass. (Buy it)

DVD of the Week: Casino. Martin Scorsese brings DeNiro and the gang to Vegas to provide a three-hour tour of the place’s history through the story of a fictionalized mobster. This Universal release is for the film’s tenth anniversary, and while we have no commentary, there is goodness to be had: deleted scenes, a featurette, a focus on Nicholas Pleggi (who authored the book the film is based on), a four-part look at the film, and brief time spent with Scorsese, Pleggi, and actress Sharon Stone. (Buy it)

Docu DVD of the Week: Space Station (IMAX). Normally, IMAX films just don’t cut it at home. I mean, let’s face it: IMAX screens are normally bigger than your home. Plus they’re short. This one clocks in at forty-seven minutes. But this one also comes with some seriously nice bonus bits, like an audio commentary by the director and one of the astronauts, a featurette, and guided tours of the Expedition 7 and the STS-180 conducted by astronauts. And it’s narrated by a Tom Cruise that is not going apeshit. So that’s novel. This Warner Brothers release is at least worth a rental. (Buy it)

Anime DVD of the Week: Koi Kaze, Vol. 2: Budding Attraction. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s the story of a young man who becomes attracted to his younger sister–but at the time this all happened he had no idea who she was. It’s complicated. But, thankfully, it’s not an adults-only title where all kinds of depravity is going on. Instead, it’s the young man dealing with his feelings while his sister remains blissfully unaware of most everything that’s going on. Four episodes are here on this Geneon release, with clean closing animation, a trailer and commercials. (Buy it)

Adverse Video of the Week: Dracula 3: Legacy. Oh Lord, someone save Rutger Hauer. PLEASE save Rutger Hauer. He goes from a great turn as Head Burrito Vamp in the Salem’s Lot mini and is Drac in this one. Dracula heads back to eastern Europe while being chased by vampire hunters, and decides to hang out at home base for while, where he gets delivery service. Yeah, by the third movie, the baddies always get lazy, don’t they? Expect a fourth one to be in production already. Anyway, this comes with an audio commentary, alternate ending, deleted scene, some convos, and more. (Buy it)

Scary Retro DVD of the Week: Saturday Morning with Sid & Marty Krofft. Want to terrify your children? Perfect! Have we got a set for you! That’s right, kids: there’s a reason us older bastards laugh our asses off at the Mr. Show “Druggachusetts” sketch. Because when we were kids, we didn’t have ready access to drugs. We just had lots of sugar…and Sid & Marty Krofft. This collection from Rhino contains seven pilot episodes from their series, not just the usual suspects like Land of the Lost and H.R. Pufnstuf, but ones that are even more weird and obscure, like Far Out Space Nuts and The Lost Saucer. Use them to freak your kids right the hell out! You know you want to! (Buy it)

Foreign DVD of the Week: Family Nest. Many of us have lived with our parents. But that’s because we were either young, poor, still in school, or some combination of those three. However, in this film by director Bela Tarr, it’s not like anybody has a choice: an entire family, three generations worth, live in one apartment in communist-run Hungary and are trapped there because of the strangling red tape involved with anybody getting their own place. Tensions running high? You better believe it. Comes with an essay on the director’s career and a director’s statement as well. Released by Facets Video. (Buy it)

Horror DVD of the Week: The Dead Next Door. Okay, yes, of course we’re going to bring this to your attention. We dig the hell out of some zombies. This late 80s low budget zombie gnawfest features a government squad sent to find a cure when the whole world is going straight down the undead gullet. And, as you might imagine, the whole thing goes right to hell in a violent, gore-streaked handicart. Which we appreciate. This Anchor Bay release comes with an audio commentary by the writer/director, behind-the-scenes footage, a docu, audition footage, and more. Zombies, man. They creep me out. (Buy it)