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American Idol Wannabes vs. Zombie Hordes–I Would Watch the Hell Out of That Show

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to answer this entry on Craigslist, calling for a zombie horde to descend upon would-be contestants in Austin, TX who want a shot at American Idol?

Haven’t you always wanted to raise awareness about the brain-melting nature of television by putting on makeup, pretending — along with 40 other people — to be a zombie, and terrorizing throngs of vapid pop star hopefuls at the Austin American Idol Auditions? Yes? Well here’s your chance!

Planning begins Monday night (8/22) for the attack on Thursday (8/25). Give em a little slice of zombie hell for us, people.

Pointers from The Austinist and Gridskipper.

Image: From the badass San Fran zombie mayhem we’ve blogged about and are still jealous of. Photo found here.


  • it was awesome – everyone who read it on craigslist should have been there….
    you can see some photos of the makeup job here

  • Bonnie: Nice pics. Although it’s refreshing to see that the IDOL folks are smart enough to go with the flow and use the attention this has brought them to their advantage instead of whining and moaning about a zombie plague. Now we just need a Zombie Idol show, judged by Bub, the undead Tom Savini, and the undead Nick Frost.

  • I organized an apocalypse in July to take over waterstreet and scare stupid frat boys and girls in milwaukee wisconsin. It was a good time wish i could have been at american idol!