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This Just In: Kaijuice

Everywhere we go, monsters. Giant freaking monsters. Stomping on our cars, destroying coffeehouses, and, honestly, not doing their part to wipe out Hollywood cinema. What can we do to protect ourselves from this onslaught?

This was the question the folks at Go Hero addressed, working together in unprecedented harmony with the FDA, Super7 Magazine, the PGA, Rocketworld, the NAHB, Android 8, a Hollywood actor turned journalist/activist who wishes to remain anonymous, Optikon Records, UA Local Union 322, our amigos at Kaiju Big Battel, and of course, two beavers, both named Steve. The answer: the sonic weapon that is Kaijuice.

Thirty-six whacked out tracks are here, from the opening melodious punk-action of Kick in the Pants’ “I Wanna Be Japanese” to the oh-hell-I-can’t-really-be-hearing-that cover of the Transformers theme song by Meatbee to the Filter-done-correctly “Rubber Costumes of Doom” by Robot Heart Attack. Plus my personal favorite, the death metal/dada concoction, “Godzilla Will Rule You” by Exit Mindbomb.

And if that wasn’t enough goodness to tempt you, also on the discs, you get an incredible video of a cave-based fighto from Kaiju Big Battel, an animated teaser from Rocketworld, more animated tasty bits, links to the band sites, links to the sponsors, and more.

If you find yourself at the bottom of giant goddamn footprint somewhere, at least do yourself the favor of going out while listening to this. Go to the project’s website now. Before it’s too late. Otherwise, make peace with your gods.

(And yes, that’s a giant monster doing a power chord on a large tower in the pic. Awesome.)


  • Great CD – my favorite bands are Jedi Superstar and Kick In The Pants – we love it!!!! more songs, more music and more fun please! hey we come to help save Tokyo – here we are fans of Go Go ROBO!!!!!!!!!!