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This Just In: Dear Vroom, We Think We Love You

Foosh and Buzz Bites from Vroom

Let’s face it, folks. Coffee is a caffeine delivery system. So is most everything else we love around here: Coke, Jolt, and so on and so forth. Sometimes you want caffeine and sugar. Sometimes you want a particular taste. But sometimes you just want to get the caffeine. No muss, no fuss. You want it and you need it fast.

And sometimes you’re trying to avoid excess calories and sugar and stuff. Like me, for example. I’m sick of people looking for me at DragonCon asking stuff like, “Have you seen the great ebony whale?” So I’m cutting back–but I still need the caffeine.

Just in time, Vroom Foods swooped down out of the sky to save my ass (from getting any larger). Their Buzz Bites are 100mg of caffeine in a tasty chocolate fudge square. And yes–tasty. Some of these things sacrifice taste for caffeine content–which is admirable–but Vroom’s Buzz Bites hit the perfect balance.

And then if you’re not in the mood for chocolate–or if your breath is fetid–you should check out the Foosh Energy Mints. Same 100mg of caffeine, but tastes just like any other mint. Until the caffeine kicks in and then glory hallelujah.

We may have some of these with at DragonCon. You may want to come to the gonzo film fest and find out. I can say no more. In the meantime, go check out Vroom and give them some love.