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This Just In: Blind Dead Collection

Blind Dead Collection

Just when I realized that Halloween is around the corner–which means it’s time for another non-stop mini-horror film fest for yours truly–what should I get in the mail? Holy crap, it’s the Blind Dead Collection from Blue Underground!

Okay, first up, this thing gets huge points for showing up with a sarcophagus for a case. Which is sad in another sense, because even a gigantic freaking coffin full of European horror flicks can stand up better than the latest boxed set of the Simpsons. But I digress.

This five-disc limited edition set comes with four of director Amando de Ossorio’s freakiest pics, Tombs of the Blind Dead, The Return of the Evil Dead, The Ghost Galleon, and Night of the Seagulls. Who are the Blind Dead, you might well ask. The press release says it best: heretic horsemen whose eyes were burned out to prevent them from finding their way back from Hell.

Sign me up, chief. The first film comes with an alternate opening sequence, and they all come with trailers and poster and still galleries. The fifth disc covers the director, with a docu, an interview and DVD-ROM to boot. There’s also a collectible forty-page booklet if all that wasn’t enough. This streets September 27th. So be ready.

Pre-order it from Amazon.