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New Craze About to Kick Off: The Workblind

Mark my words. This guy is on to something. And I don’t know if the concept is already patented or not, but he could sell a boatload of these things. This is from his LiveJournal entry:

A while ago I mentioned an idea that I had about creating a “work blind”. I actually ended up doing it. I had buttercup666 stand in my neighbor’s cubicle and take a picture of me hard at work. Then I straightened the photo, undistorted it, and cropped it to the area in the doorway. I took it to Kinko’s where they printed it onto vinyl, and grommeted the top with a kit that matrushkaka bought me. The result: The Work Blind.

I’m telling you, guy: people pay good money for new and creative ways to try and avoid work. Do that thing.

Found via Boing Boing.

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