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In Orlando? Add This to Your List of Things Not to Do


That would be “Giving birth in Orlando Regional South Seminole Hospital.” Claudia Mejia went to do just that and came out ahead with one newborn child but, after being transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center, lost all four limbs. And they won’t give her a straight answer about WTF happened, instead telling her to sue them to get the information. We hope that Mrs. Mejia will soon own the hospital and the entire company behind it.

So write that down, folks in Florida. And tell everyone you know. If this report is accurate, and the ambulance starts taking you to that hospital, probably best if they drop you off at the Burger King down the street instead. You’d probably get better care there, looks like.

Found via Neatorama.

Oh, and since Boing Boing has made unicorns the anti-trauma image of choice, we thank Unicorn’s Meadow for helping us with this one. Because this gives us the creeping willies something fierce.