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Edinburgh Yewts Behave So They Can Kick Cops’ Asses in PS2 Competition

Gotta give credit to the cops in Edinburgh. They’ve held PS2 gaming tournaments where would-be hooligans (pop!) can come and face off with the men in blue with the chance of winning new games. The catch? They have to behave.

“We told the children they had to behave or they would be banned from the contest. That really seemed to work. Some kids even told me they wouldn’t be going out next week because they didn’t want to risk getting excluded.”

And to think: video games are evil, horrible, mind-destroying things that supposedly make kids want to go out and commit crimes. Instead, they’re being used to cut back on crime. Huh. Message!

Found via Boing Boing.

Image taken from here. “Booyah” seemed appropriate for such a post, but then the idea that there is a fishing bait company called “Booyah” amused me so much I had to include it. Yeah, it makes no sense. Just humor me.