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DragonCon 2005 Prize Frenzy: Sideshow Collectibles’ Willow

Okay, so we had a few prizes. Above you can see Dindrane, Rob, Jason Service, myself, and Siege all trying to contend with the mayhem. We improved our process. But Jesus, people. That’s a lot of swag. And to give out to such a crowd reluctant to win…ah…heh…never mind, I can’t do that with a straight face.

Let’s start with a simple giveaway, shall we? Sideshow Collectibles provided some sweet limited edition Buffy figures: Willow and Vampire Willow. Simple giveaway because we had stashed chopsticks under particular chairs in the ballroom of the Film Fest. If you had a full-on chopstick, you won a regular Willow, a broken chopstick, you won the vampire version.

Here’s some examples of the fine winners:

However, these two really got into the act.

And of course, everyone’s favorite track director, Leigh, showed her appreciation in typical Leigh fashion:

We’ll see a lot more of Sideshow in a bit. Thanks, Robin!