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This Just In: WB Television Favorites

Eventually, everything will hit DVD. In fact, with high definition versions of discs around the corner (some corner, if the industry ever gets its act together), we’re seeing an acceleration of titles hitting so that companies can then turn around and sell you the same content later on in an a hi-def format.

But honestly? We don’t give a damn. We get the goodies and we can burn the bridge of buying it again when we come to it. Case in point: Warner Brothers has released these four titles under the “Television Favorites” banner. And while Dukes is already available in season sets (and with the episodes included here), the other three are only available here with the episodes they bring with them. Both Chico and F Troop bring six episodes a piece, while Maverick comes with three.

Bonus features? None. But for those that would whine about how season sets aren’t being released for these three titles…just remember, if WB sees demand via you buying these sampler discs, they’ll no doubt go back to the well.

Buy the Chico and the Man disc from Amazon.
Buy the Dukes of Hazzard disc from Amazon.
Buy the F Troop disc from Amazon.
Buy the Maverick disc from Amazon.