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Starbucks Uber Alles

Winter vs. Starbucks

The man’s name is Winter, and the reason he has that vacant stare is because he’s on a mission. That mission? To visit every Starbucks in the world. Read about his adventure here.

While we applaud Winter for his maniacal desire to accomplish his goal, we feel it’s a bit quixotic for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s kinda pointless. I mean, I thought the whole problem most people (read “non-coffee drinkers”) had with Starbucks is that it’s so homogenous. Every Starbucks is just like every other Starbucks. So what’s the point in driving thousands of miles for a cup of coffee you could have gotten next door?

Second, it’s kinda pointless. I mean, Starbucks is growing exponentially. It’s like the intelligent cells in Blood Music. Even if you could make it to all thirty-seven countries that currently play host to Starbucks, it’s growing so fast you would never, ever catch them all. In fact, considering how they would be multiplying in areas you have already visited, you’d be running around in circles.

Still, when it comes to tilting at windmills, I’m a self-publisher and a webmaster, so I live in a big goddamn glass house.

Found via Gridskipper.