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Chris vs. Banzai Girl: Karaoke Master Aims to Please

Sometimes I miss doing full-on comic reviews. And then I read something like Chris, over at his Invincible Super-Blog, where he beats the comic Banzai Girl with a metal yardstick…and I know true peace:

Essentially, it’s the late-night Cinemax version of Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, but starring Space Cheerleader Jinky, who rolls around in a “liquid metal battlesuit” blowing things up with a space-bazooka, which inevitably causes her skirt to blow up and reveal her Liquid Metal Battlethongâ„¢. Amazingly, this is actually less fun to read than it sounds.

Awesome. Read the whole thing.



  • You should read the comic book before posting about it and showing that you have no idea what you are talking about. The comic is about a school girl in the Philippines who does have adventures. Facing tentacled monsters and a Snakeman, vampires and other menaces. And yes it does have some cheese cake most comics do and here it is tastefully presented.
    “Space Cheerleader Jinky” where did that come from it is not mentioned in the comic. “Space Bazooka” you do realize if you had read this comic you would know that scenes you are referring to are of a dream sequence about a version of Jinky that is a future freedom fighter and has nothing to do with space.
    If your going to make comments good or bad about a comic book at least show some respect and read it first.

  • Richard: Thanks for writing in. Since you’re obviously new to this whole “Internet” thing, I’ll take this opportunity to educate you. This is a “Website.” It is one of many that exist on the “Internet.” These “Websites” have a lot of stuff on them, and this stuff is called “Content.” Sometimes, and this is where it gets tricky, one “Website” will link to the stuff, or “Content,” that is on another “Website.” They’ll even, if they get really frisky, quote some of that “Content” as a preview of what you’ll get when you go from one “Website” to the next. So we linked out to this “Content.” So in other words you’re giving me shit about not reading a comic when I didn’t have to read the comic, I just thought the other “Website’s” “Content” was amusing enough to link to.
    In other words, if your [sic] going to make comments good or bad about a website at least show some brains and comment on the right freaking website. Thanks for playing.

  • Your the one linking to these other sites and their contant and posting them on this site so you should read what you are posting. And take responsiblity for what you post even if it is just copying it.
    It seems as if your job here is to just belittle others.

  • Richard: Are you telling me you had eight months while comments were closed and that’s the best you could come back with? You couldn’t even spell check your response in eight months? No way. This can’t be Richard. This is somebody cruelly pretending to be Richard. Whoever’s playing this mean joke on Richard needs to stop right now, okay? I’m serious.

  • Well, it’s been fun. I’m glad we could teach you something, and apparently it’s about spell check, since you did use it that time. I guess the whole “Internet” thing is still a puzzle to you. For all I know, it takes you all these months just to find your way back here–and that’s why you wait so long to re-darken our doors. Anyway, bye.

    But I’ll bet you’ll be back, though. I bet right now you’re reading this and quietly seething and knowing you can’t comment again because you already said bye. I bet you are. Because you couldn’t wait to see what that mean old Widge would say about your latest triumphant missive. But now that I know that you’re doing that right now, you can’t comment even if you wanted to, because that would mean I WAS RIGHT. Checkmate, bucko.

    And that’s a term from a game called “Chess.” I’ll tell you about it when you’re older.

  • Do you even think about what you write?
    Saying bye does not mean one will never come back it just means you are leaving now.
    And I am pretty sure I could easily beat you at a game of chess.
    And I might reply sooner if your notify me part of this website worked.
    Isn’t this article suppost to be about a comic book? You certainly seem to have gotten off track. Well I’m not surprised.

  • Rich: No, dude. I don’t think about what I write. Like now. Picking on you needs no thought. It’s like breathing, dude. It’s an involuntary response to hilarious stimuli.

  • Wow the notify actually worked. Well at least something here does.
    And I am glad to see you admitting you don’t think at least your honest.

  • Rich: Dude, it doesn’t take any thought to pick on somebody who has nothing better to do than come to a year-old throwaway thread about a comic book. Not just come to it every once in a while–but now you are subscribed to this comment thread so you can come back and demonstrate your inability to comprehend the written word on a more consistent basis. You also don’t comprehend that by doing this you’re merely amusing me to no end and drawing attention to a year-old post that otherwise would fall off of everyone’s radar. Not to mention the ad impressions and page views you’re giving me. You are, in a word, hilarious. And not just because you have no grasp of “your” vs. “you’re.” Go ahead, comment some more. You’re just making the post longer and easier to pick up in search engine results. This already shows up on Page 2 of Google results for “Richard Vasseur.” So please keep it up. Eventually we’ll hit Page 1!

  • And you’re coming and wasting your life commenting on my website…which makes you…SAD and pathetic? Or…what?