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Odds and Ends for 12-12-2005

These newsbits followed us home. Can we keep them?

Truffles with Bailey’s Irish Creme inside. Nice.

Presumably the last drawing of Jonah Hex by creator John Albano before Albano passed away in May. Found via Back Issue.

Why didn’t we have forts like this when we were kids? And don’t give me that “Well, we got to use our imagination” line. Screw imagination. This shit is cool.

Pepsi adds cappuccino to their drinks in a desperate effort to make them drinkable. Sorry, Pepsi tastes like stale Coke to me. I just figured when Coke got old, they sold it to Pepsi, who would then repackage it. All a conspiracy.

I’ll give a dollar to anybody who can convince Alex Ross he has to paint a version of this.

This nifty mug is mentioned as a way for people who have problems communicating to order their coffee. Screw that, I have problems remembering what I ordered five minutes later. Sign me up.

Each floor has its own theme of food. Now we just need a building like that for coffee. We’d never leave.

Neil Gaiman steps aside for a new character, Skippy, to answer his mail. Oh, bitchcakes!