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Whatever Happened to Witchiepoo?


Guys: not that we’re saying that Billie Hayes, the actress who portrayed Witchiepoo, was #1 on your Saturday morning childhood crush hit parade. Although we’re sure she’s a lovely person. Still, while the ladies who appear in YesButNoButYes’ Where Are They Now? Saturday Morning Babes feature are still quite attractive…it’s all just another reminder of how incredibly old you are. And we won’t even mention how close you must be to death.

Anyway, just thought we’d frame that the appropriate way for you. Now I’m going to go eat an exhaust pipe. Excuse me.

Found via Screenhead.


  • I’d forgotten about Isis – a major fictional-character-crush I had as a young lad. Always did like the brunettes…

  • Hey

    I’ll have you know I did have a crush on Witchiepoo. I always wondered what she looked like without the makeup and out of costume. I guess I was a wierd little 12 year old but the crush still stands …