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DragonCon 2005 Prize Frenzy: Fantagraphics

Man, we got so crazed about giving away stuff–Rob won Leigh! Congrats, Rob!

And speaking of stuff, here is what we call Primo Stuff. It’s from Fantagraphics, those wonderful lunatics who are reprinting all of Peanuts–yes, all of it–over the next twelve and a half years at the rate of two books a year. And a huge amount of strips appearing in the books, especially these early ones, have never been reprinted since their initial newspaper run. How cool is that? No wonder these winners look pleased.

Speaking of cool, they’re also reprinting the entire Dennis the Menace as well. The first book is what these fine folks are holding.

You had best order your copies now so you don’t get behind. Tell the Fantagraphics folks we sent you.