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Feed the Loonies

Every so often–though probably not often enough–we get e-mails or private messages or instant messages or smoke signals that say, “Man, has really given so much to humanity and the cause of world peace and harmony in the cosmos, is there anything I can do for you guys?”

Well, normally we’re too bashful and shy and demure and stuff to respond with anything so crass as “Send us money.” We do this site out of nothing but love……..for free shit. But as we learned at DragonCon this year, free shit does not include computing power to edit the Film Fest or gas to haul our ever widening cans out to events. Hell, I want to do custom t-shirts…but with what coin?

So to these ends, a couple of things. I’ve created a page called Support the Loonies. If you dig us and feel like helping us to spread our message of over-caffeinated despair punctuated by an ever-increasing spiral into depression over the sorry state of the entertainment industry along with the inevitable malaise that accompanies the increase in stimulant tolerance…well, we’d be much obliged. The options on there range from just sticking a graphic on your site to let your friends know about us to sending us money or buying a shirt or even…shock of shocks…buying one of my books.

If nothing else, we’d like to remind everybody that it’s holiday season again…if the snowmen and singing Santa Clauses didn’t make you react violently when you walked into the grocery store on 11/1…and we love you to buy your holiday gifts at Amazon through us. We make a little coin off of that, so if you’re going to be shelling out the dough anyway, well, “Wobble it around a little bit, guv’nor!” And if you’re uncertain what to give, we’re going to stick Santa Chazz there on any entry that is an absolutely must-buy item.

That’s right, it’s time for us to quit pretending and turn into the money-grubbing, attention-hungry whores you’ve always known we were. Thanks.

Update: Per request, we’ve added an Amazon search box to the page so you can find your own damn items to buy. We can only feature so many, after all. Thanks.