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Peanut Butter World Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry’s – Review

Ben and Jerrys Peanut Butter World Ice Cream

Our tour of the Ben and Jerry’s/Target team-up continues. For the uninitiated, Ben and Jerry’s has a line of four Target-exclusive ice creams that all have a theme of volunteerism. I volunteered to eat and review them, so I too am doing my part. Glad to be of help.

The thing that strikes me about these flavors–of which I’ve sampled all four (the fourth review is forthcoming, no pun intended)–is that they’re all strong, excellent flavors. Better than some of their “regular” flavors. Here we have Peanut Butter World, which describes itself thus: “Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Buttery Swirls & Chocolate Cookie Swirls.” And at first, because I got a really seriously dense vein of peanut butter, I thought it was really peanut buttery. But further exploration (Science!) proved that the balance is actually pretty spot on. In fact, if anything, the chocolate ice cream just feels and tastes like a darker chocolate due to the inclusion of the chocolate cookies. And note: not chocolate chip cookies, but full-on chocolate cookies. And as is normal for Ben and Jerry’s, they’re not stingy with including them. (Pic of the ice cream itself included below the post just to underscore my point about the dark awesomeness of the contents.)

[ad#longpost]Like I said, the balance is excellent. If the peanut butter were just a trifle richer (it has a darker, heavier taste to it even though it’s the lightest of the three main ingredients) it might seem like somebody decided to make Reese’s ice cream and poured in a bunch of Oreo creme-less-cookies for the hell of it. Which also sounds delicious, honestly. Because of its heaviness, it also has an unforeseen benefit. It’s not the sort of thing that I could plow through a pint of in a sitting. A few spoonfuls and I’m sated. So unless you’re a peanut butter fiend or have the same tolerance for chocolate that I do for caffeine, then this is probably a safe binge-proof ice cream.

Like I said, I’m very pleased with this and the other flavors. (Since reviewing the mini-things of Berry Voluntary and Volun-Tiramisu, we’ve since snagged full pints of each.) If you dig chocolate and peanut butter together (and who doesn’t?), then it’s worth checking out. If you have to travel to get to a Target, though, this tip: call ahead of time. I have yet to find a single Target store that had all four flavors for sale together. And they appear to sell out of them fairly quickly. No surprise there. Good luck!

Peanut Butter World Ice Cream
Told you.


  • Was at Target last night and picked up a pint of this and… damn, just damn. This is basically a gourmet peanut butter cup in ice cream form. As someone who has literally eaten 80% cocoa for dessert and has a SERIOUS love for peanut butter, I was skeptical of your claim that it was not susceptible to single-sitting pint scarfage. In the end though, this proved to be true even for me.

    Totally awesome dessert. Probably my new favorite B&J flavor. Thanks for making me aware of its existence.