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“Trampling Tokyo” – #TrackoftheDay

The Jazz Butcher
(UK, 1994)

A snippet of Art Adams' illustration of Alan Moore's lyrics to the Jazz Butcher song "Trampling Tokyo" showing heads of a few kaiju

Ever have one of those days where you witness something and you wonder how in the hell you hadn’t heard of it before now? Yeah, that’s today for me. Because it was today I first heard the song “Trampling Tokyo,” a little ditty about how bored Godzilla is with the grind and just wants to call it quits. Recorded by The Jazz Butcher with lyrics by Alan Moore back in 1994.

And we all know this isn’t the first time Moore has dabbled in weird musical chaos.

When searching the googles for the song itself, I came across a site which informed me Art Adams (badass comic book artist) illustrated the song for the anthology comic, Negative Burn. Because the song’s existence alone wasn’t weird enough. Enjoy.