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#TrackoftheDay: “Keep It Up”

Milton Wright
USA (1975)

Milton Wright: Friends and Buddies album cover

Pretty sure this track is one I heard while listening to hours and hours of The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC 6 Radio from across the pond. (It’s quite recommended.) He usually breaks out at least one track every show that I’ve never heard before.

Milton Wright put out two full LPs in the 1970s and then his music career came to an end…at least that part of it. It was only when I Googled around and found his entry that I learned he’s now a judge in Boston. He still performs, though–he’s written a musical based on the Book of Job and has played Frederick Douglass in the musical There’s A Meeting Here Tonight. Pretty much everybody in his family appears to have worked in music at one time or another…and his sister is the Betty Wright, the Grammy award winner of “Where is the Love?” and “Clean Up Woman” fame (among many others).

You can snag his album Friends and Buddies, which has “Keep It Up” on it, from Amazon here.