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Chocolate Covered Death Wish Coffee Beans – Review

Have you ever straight up eaten a coffee bean? Most of them, in my experience don’t have a massive coffee taste on the front end, but the taste comes back around at the end to permeate the mouth. I just recreated this experience to make sure I remembered it correctly by sampling the various beans I have in my kitchen at the moment because science.

That’s not even close to the experience of eating these. The best way to describe it is to think about a chocolate confection where the chocolate is merely a distraction–because crunching into the Death Wish coffee bean is the taste equivalent to coffee kicking in the door, storming into your mouth, and planting a flag. Your usual chocolate-covered espresso bean experience this ain’t.

There is a good and bad with this situation. And they’re both the same thing: after about two or three of these, I was sated. Because damn, it’s intense. And I really needed some milk. So it’s a treat you can’t gorge yourself on. I mean, you probably could, but if so you must’ve done even more damage to your taste buds over the years than I have. So a little bit goes a long way.

The question is: are they good, though? Well, I mean…it depends on how much you love coffee. If you seriously dig the hell out of coffee, especially Death Wish (which is one of my go-to brands for daily usage and abusage), then this sort of thing will be directly in your wheelhouse. If you prefer to have a little coffee with your cream and sugar, though…then please stay at a safe distance.

Alas, it’s no longer available on the Death Wish site. When they do have confections, they don’t tend to last long. Probably a good idea to sign up for their newsletter and get notifications for when they get hit with new stuff.

One last note: Death Wish produced these tiny caffeine grenades with help from Ethereal Confections. They previously worked together on something else I had snagged last year…a chocolate skeleton. This item is probably somewhere on the Top 10 Widgest Confections of All Time list.

However, when I was going to review that a while back, this very inconveniently timed pandemic started up and, well, talking about a tasty skeleton sold in a coffin just felt wrong at the time. Now, months later, I’m obviously over that.