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#TrackoftheDay: “You Can Find the Feeling”

The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar
Morocco (2000)

The world found out about this group in the 1950s, apparently. And they went wide when Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones produced an album of theirs. I found out about them when this song closed out the soundtrack for the excellent Tarsem Singh movie, The Cell. And it’s been on my musical todo list to do a deeper dive on their stuff.

If you seek them out, be aware the group split into two different groups in the 1990s. One group is led by Bachir Attar, the other group…isn’t. They’re simply The Master Musicians of Jajouka. Which means I’ve got essentially two groups to deep dive on.

You can find their music here. The self-titled album (well, they leave the “led by Bachir Attar” off the title…I know, this gets confusing…) is available on MP3 for $7.99.