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14 May 2020 Playlist: Fingerprints on an Abandoned Handrail

Homemade Moistness!

If you’re having trouble telling one day from another, don’t worry. We’ve been like that for years. Instead of worrying, watch some funny crap we put together to distract you. You’re welcome.

  • Tom Jones and Janis Joplin set fire to a television studio.
  • A classic bit from I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue with Rob Brydon singing “One Song to the Tune of Another,” something I wish we could have done in the Quiz Show.
  • The basis for the Quiz Show, basically. Would I Lie to You? The absolute master of the show is Bob Mortimer, whose casual surrealism is ridiculous and awesome.
  • Les Paul and Mary Ford singing of home.
  • John Cleese and how he tried to keep his mother happy.
  • A bit from That Mitchell and Webb Look that might hit a little too close to home these days. But hell, it’s funny anyway.
  • Jeff Goldblum. Live.
  • A bit from The Graham Norton Show in which Jack Whitehall talks about the perils of traveling abroad.
  • The original “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch from At Last the 1948 Show.