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Ben & Jerry’s Topped Whiskey Biz Ice Cream – Review

A pint of Ben and Jerry's Topped Whiskey Biz Ice Cream.

Okay, I’m going to make a bold statement. I hope you’re sitting down.

I doubt that “brown butter” is an actual thing. Here’s why I say that.

Years ago, I ran into High Road Gin & Juice Sorbet at a restaurant. And I was convinced (and remain so to a certain extent) that actual gin and juice does not taste as good as it was there, presented to me in sorbet form. The reason?  Because if actual gin and juice tasted that good, we would all be fucked up on it 24/7 and glad to be so.

I realize I have come to a similar issue now. It’s not with this ice cream in particular, but it’s brought it to the fore. So I ask: is brown butter actually a thing? I ask because I’ve never actually encountered brown butter in the “real world,” i.e. outside the realm of ice cream. And, like with gin and juice, brown butter is so goddamn delicious, that were it an actual thing, it would be everywhere. And in everything.

“Brown Butter Bourbon Ice Cream with Blonde Brownies & Whiskey Caramel Swirls Topped with White Chocolatey Ganache & White Fudge Chunks.” That’s what’s offered here. And damn, but that’s what you get.

The top of a pint of Ben and Jerry's Topped Whiskey Biz Ice Cream, featuring the white chocolate ganache and white fudge chunks. Yes.

First up, as you can see in the picture of it when first opened, no skimpage has happened with the white chocolate and fudge at the top. And as I believe I’ve said elsewhere about their Topped offerings, it’s tasty enough where I kinda want a few levels of the stuff and not just at the top. I know some people don’t actually like white chocolate, but if they pry the topping off and give it to someone else, A) that someone else will be your friend for life and 2) you’ll probably be just fine beyond that point.

After that, we get into the ice cream proper and if you’ve read even just a few of these you know I’m a stickler for the base being good. And as already mentioned, brown butter is not just good…it’s stupid good. And as I usually say when the base is excellent–they could sell just the brown butter bourbon ice cream portion of this and I’d be thrilled. In fact, they’re selling the bits and pieces that go into their ice creams, why not just sell the base flavors?

Add to this the whiskey in question–WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye Whiskey–which is blended in with this madness, and the concoction becomes positively addictive. It’s another pint that you could probably consume completely without thinking and the only thing that could improve upon it is to put it side by side with some other kind of brownie and maybe a dram of whiskey.

It’s delicious. And I could only find it in my area using Amazon Fresh, so good luck out there.