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Last Call For Current Threadless Clearance

Adopt a Direwolf T-shirt from Threadless

So a quick headsup here that the current Threadless clearance–tees starting at $9–ends tomorrow morning at 11am Eastern Time. And surprisingly, there’s still a bunch of excellent ones left in stock.

Some quick pointers for shirts we recommend follow. The cute coffee-related “I Was Here” by Dina Prasetyawan is something that we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it, for obvious reasons. There’s also the classic-for-a-reason/perennial “Pillow Fight” by Fiona Lee. And the relatively recent pirate meets dog “Reburied Treasure” by David Soames and Nathan W. Pyle. Don’t worry if you don’t get it immediately. Ensure you’ve looked at the back.

And, admittedly, the “Adopt a Direwolf” design we have posted there by Sean A. Husbands isn’t on sale…but it’s just so goddamn cute, what can you do?

As always, we urge you to consider impending birthdays and other occasions when it would be nice to snag something for $9. Just saying. Find the selection of sale items here. Enjoy.