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Gin and Juice Sorbet by High Road Craft Ice Cream – Review

High Road Gin and Juice Sorbet

As we were stumbling around Atlanta, finding various and sundry establishments that served High Road Craft Ice Cream…we found one that offered this. And how can you not try “Gin and Juice Sorbet?” So we tried it…and it was okay. It had become a bit too frozen–or something–and was more like eating flavored ice than sorbet. Granted, it was tasty ice…but not what we had signed up for.

One of the benefits of showing up at the High Road Compound to interview head icecreamologist Chef Keith…is you get to buy the stuff direct from the source. And we snagged some of this…because we knew it had to be better than just okay. And this is one of the flavors available via Dean & DeLuca…and they don’t generally screw around. So.

Let me admit something to you: I know very little about the actual alcoholic cocktail known as “gin and juice,” apart from the fact that the recipe is pretty much in the name. And yes, there’s a song about it. In my relatively brief time back among the drinking population, it’s just never come up on the todo list. But I can tell you this: the actual drink itself cannot possibly taste as good as this sorbet. Because if it did, then the majority of the population would be drunk off their asses on it 24/7. No lie. Because what this sorbet tastes like is…well, juice.

[ad#longpost]So it taunts you with, “Hey, buddy…I’m good for you. Honest. Juice is in my name, right? That means I have to be good for you. I think there’s a law on the books that says that. Somewhere. And hey…don’t you hate scurvy? Whoa, what a coincidence: I hate scurvy too! Let’s team up and fight sobriety–I mean scurvy. I meant to say scurvy.”

In other words, it’s freaking delicious. The only thing that keeps one from just sitting around all day and experimenting on how much of this sorbet it takes to get drunk is that it’s rich enough to where a few spoonfuls could do you. The ingredients? Pretty straightforward: fresh orange juice, invert sugar, gin, fresh lime juice and salt. That’s it. It seems like such a simple recipe that I’d like to try it in a straight up drink form…but again, I need to get some work done, so on the other hand…I don’t want to know. Some things are just better off unknown.

If you can snag this–whether it’s from Dean & DeLuca or from them directly…do so. It’s stupidly good. Just eat it responsibly.