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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: David Lynch Presents The Tom & Jerry Movie

Mouse drumming in hell

Each week we like to lead off with something that makes your head spin around. A little disorientation, our researchers have found, helps with the ability to make it through the work week relatively intact.

So The Daily What states this is a Keyboard Cat video directed by David Lynch. I’ll take it one further–this is the lost demo reel for The Tom & Jerry Movie, directed by Lynch. At the end of the film, because they have been so mean to each other and so wantonly destructive of property, they are condemned to an entire of being the backing band for a bad Slim Pickens impersonator who sings for an audience of damned children.

P.S. I’d like to also point out that the first video that comes up on YouTube for me after watching this is of an exorcism. YouTube…it’s smarter than you think it is.

We wanted to ask an expert what he thought the video was to represent. His response is here.

Cat terror found at The Daily What via Coilhouse.

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  • Wow. The last time I saw a cat that pissed off he was on a leash wearing a Santa hat and beard. Seriously.