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David Lynch Signature Cup: In Heaven, Everything is Coffee

David Lynch Signature Cup

Doc just sent over an announcement: David Lynch is now selling coffee. Some of the proceeds go to support the David Lynch Film Scholarship Fund at the AFI. Not a lot of details at the moment, although some of the announced blends are Espressohead, Twin Peaks: French Press With Me, The Killing Word, Frank’s Dark Nitrate Blend and Mild at Heart (decaf). As part of the announcement, Lynch said, “Add cream. Add sugar. Hell, add some ants. What does it matter? Add anything you like, it won’t change the inherent lack of meaning in the coffee itself.”

Um. We may have made some of that up.

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  • I have a large vehicle and my niece say’s lets go out and cut hair in the RV. When we do that we could also sell Coffe. Can you lend ideas? I would also like to see a use for the small piece of land I have next to the express way maybe to use for the homeless,if some one there who knows how to organize it. Please contact me via e mail

  • George: This spam comment is so very Lynchian in its dissonance with the actual post, I think Lynch would approve. So I did as well. With the URL and e-mail address removed, of course.