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Threadless Update: Of Dandelions, Magical Bunnies and Pole Dancing Animals

Seven Ages of Dandelion from Threadless

The Threadless sale we mentioned previously is still going on, still with tees as low as $5. And, just like they always do, they threw a slew more onto the pile this week. My personal favorite is the one above, “The Seven Ages of Dandelion,” because I think that counts as a bit of morbid whimsy.

There’s also a shirt featuring cute bunnies which reveal their true nature only in sunlight–it uses UV ink, the sort of wickedry we’ve mentioned before. And I’m convinced this is what you get when Dindrane and ScottC collaborate on a shirt.

Again, if you want these deals, I suggest snagging them now. We got our order in on some of these just in the nick of time last go-round.